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mardi 1 novembre 2011

Revue de presse hebdo, 31 octobre


L’islam est compatible avec l’humour : l’hebdomadaire satirique Charlie Hebdo se mue le temps d’un numéro en Charia Hebdo, dont le prophète Mahomet est désigné rédacteur en chef - Quand Charlie Hebdo devient Charia Hebdo (AFP et Le Nouvel Observateur)


« En propulsant Ennahda à la tête de son Assemblée constituante, le pays procède à sa contre-révolution, et exprime une fidélité à l'islam renforcée » - Tunisie. Des habits neufs pour l’islamisme (Jean Daniel, Le Nouvel Observateur)


US Law professor Rosensaft reminds Republican presidential candidates that in a country where state and religion are separated, GOP candidate Mitt Romney should not be judged negatively because of his faith, but rather by the way he practices his faith and whether he stands for religious tolerance or bigotry — Judge Romney on policies, not faith (M. Rosensaft, Huffington Post)

Muslim World

Fritz Lodge reports from the Muslim women WISE conference in Istanbul in October, where Muslim women from all around the world came together to discuss how to use Islam and Sharia in order to empower Muslim women and enhance woman equality, distinguishing the content of Sharia and what they call a “cultural baggage” that tends to discriminate against women — The WISE women of Islam: what a conference in Istanbul can tell us about the future of women in the Muslim world (Fritz Lodge, Huffington Post)


In the wake of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Pope Benedict XVI released a document asking world leaders to install a political authority that would manage the global financial market in order to avoid damage to the weakest economies and to achieve a fair distribution of the world’s wealth — Vatican calls for radical economic reform of world’s financial systems (Victor L. Simpson, Associated Press, Huffington Post)


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