Mercredi 27 octobre 2021
mardi 21 septembre 2021

Revue de presse, 21 septembre


« Muslim Americans in Public Service has published a set of 12 recommendations to improve working conditions for Muslims in public service »  — Trump is gone, but Muslim federal workers say reforms are still needed (Joseph Hammond, Religion News Service)

« Some rabbis are claiming that SB 8 violates the obligations of their faith »  — Whose religious freedom is at stake with Texas’s new abortion law? (The Christian Century)


« Celebrations at the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Doha, invitations for tolerance in Abu Dhabi, no comment from al-Azhar. The Islamic institutions’ reactions to the new course of events in Afghanistan » — Taliban Emirate Galvanize Islamists (Chiara Pellegrino, Oasis Center)


« Critics of the traditional Mass lift up authority for its own sake » — Where Is Peter? (Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review)


« Explorant la mémoire culturelle des premiers témoins du Christ, le bibliste protestant suisse Jean Zumstein suisse dégage les traits essentiels de leur vie spirituelle » — Sur les traces de Jésus, par Jean Zumstein, éd. Labor et Fides (Benoît de Sagazan, La Croix)

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