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Religion and Secularism in the European Union

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In this new and unprecedented report on religion and secularism in the European Union, the Observatory of Religions and Secularism (ORELA) examines major concerns for the EU, such as secularization, the way EU institutions and European countries cope with diversity and pluralism, State and religion cooperation, religion at school, ethical issues and societal debates, freedom of religion, religion-based campaigns… Since 2013, ORELA has published annual reports on religion and secularism in Belgium. It offers online analyses concerning religions and beliefs and Church-State relations, written by experts from the CIERL and various European universities or research institutes, as well as a daily press review on religion and beliefs, covering Europe and beyond. Thanks to a network of experts in the 28 EU member States, ORELA also provides a summary of every national situation, and now a comprehensive and transnational report on religion in the EU. 

To download the Report: click here.

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